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Well... uh. Hello? Sorry I haven't been on for a while. I actually haven't been bothered writing on Livejournal in all honest truth, mainly because I've got more things going on in life. But it doesn't matter now, since Live journal is the only thing currently NOT blocked by my school I might as well do a little bit of writing baout my day. I can't remember when my last post was, but I'm sure it was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back, probably Feb. So yes, nothing much has happened in that... brief. period. of... inactivness. I've just been drawing, gaining friends and such, and NOW, I am really tired and can't bebothered doing anything. :D So, write write write.

Oh and here is what I have been doing for the past god only knows how long. :D

Ham string: TERMINATED!

I was in PE, doingh training for the athletics carnival, and I pulled a Hamstring, I'm about to die, it hurts so much. Really, it does. I was running, I felt something rip/tear in my leg, and then I doubled over hand to my leg shouting: "FUCK ALMIGHTY!" And then I went to get some ice, and the PE teacher told me I screwd my Hammy, and I was like: "FUCK ALMIGHTY!" And then I got some ice, tried to call mum, but she was at work, in the city, so I was still like: "FUCK ALMIGHTY!"


I decided, that I would load a little teaser of a novel I am currently working on, since I'm such an Evil person. Anyway, I'll proably load this on DA, but to do that, I must load it here first, haha!

ok... ok.... ok... Can I just say something, VCery quickly. I Know that some arseholes will say that "ZOMG he has yellow eyes like edward cullen!" Guess what? I HAD ALREADY DECIDED WHAT HE LOOKED LIKE BEFORE TWILIGHT EVEN CAME TO AUSTRALIA, SO THERE, SHUT UP, GTFO!

oh and, I haven't bothered to edit it yet, so its rough, and there are some stupid errors that I keep finding, its the damn computer, never tells me abotu them, oh right, anyway, CONTINUE!

Bound By Runes


By Bethany Hughston


Chapter One


    Anna Whytwood held a heavy text book over her head as she ran through the misty sheets of cold rain. Water flew out behind her as the small, red-jumper clad figure leaped over a small garden bed and made it onto the concrete path out of breath. The dark grey sky above rumbled angrily, as the clouds swirled in and around themselves.

    Anna dove under the peeling, dull green veranda rooves just in time. Thunder rumbled again and the rain grew heavier. Anna clutched her chest heaving and looked down at her textbook.

    “Oh no!” It was soaking wet. She wiped it off with her soggy jumper sleeve, and cussed under her breath. She opened up the history textbook, and sighed, the pages were wet and crinkled, but at least the text was still clear. She looked around the crowded veranda, and noticed the numbers and letters above the industrial green class room doors. She pushed a lock of dark blonde hair out of her face, and plunged her other white hand into her pocket, and fumbled around with a now damp piece of paper.

    She opened it, only to find that most of the ink was running. She tried to hold the paper taut so she could make out the blurred writing, but with a dull crrft! The paper ripped. She moaned, and cursed again, grumbling angrily to herself. She looked around holding the only piece of paper that was dry, and whose text was still intact. Luckily, it had what she was looking for on it, the name of the classroom where her first class of this year was being held, Ancient History, room D4. She looked around, her murky grey, blue flecked eyes searching the numbers on the tops of the doors. She found the one she wanted above an old grey door, in brass letters D4 was branded across the top.

    She nodded, and began to navigate her way through the hordes of people, making their way towards their classrooms. Anna squeezed between students, ducked under house captains, and dodged school prefects. She had almost made it to the red brick wall on the other side, when she was elbowed sharply in the side and pushed her onto the ground with a scream.

    “Hey watch where you’re going!” She snapped at a black haired boy. She picked herself up off the ground and snarled at his retreating backside, “Io, are you deaf as well as blind?” She pushed her dark blonde hair out of her face, her blue grey eyes seething like stormy seas.

    The boy wheeled around, he was in either year eleven or twelve Anna knew that straight off because the senior students wore a different uniform to the other high school students. His face was covered in pimples, and he had a weedy look about him.

    “What did you say?”

    “Oh didn’t you hear me? Boy you really must be deaf.” Anna snarled.

    “You better take that back newbie, or else!”

    “Or else what?” Anna barked. There was now a large group of students surrounding them, all jeering and cheering to the black haired boy, a few of the younger high school students cheering for Anna.

    “Ooo! Take that Brad, she took you down a peg!”

    “Don’t just take that Brad, give her what’s for!”

    The black haired boy gave her a sinister smirk; “Or else I’ll make you go crying home to your mummy. Go play dollies with your little friends.” He jeered.

    “Huh, at least I have friends, you’re closest friends are you pimples, zit face.” Anna retorted, folding her arms hotly.

    Brad Edward’s face scrunched up as his temper rose.

    “Oh you look a bit sick, old chum. Did you eat something bad?”

    His black eyes boiled and he lifted his hands up, and clenched them into fists.

    “Dear me, you look like you might have to go up to sick bay, or does your face always look like that?”

    The boy was about to lunge forward, when a cold voice broke the chatter, “Break it up you two. Mr. Edwards, get to your class, before I have your sorry body hauled up to the principle’s office for fighting again. And the rest of you, clear off.”

    The students dissipated in a flash, and Brad Edwards skulked away with the crowd. Anna turned around and was about to plead her case, when she heard the voice give a cool chuckle.

    “That was a good fight, I’m sorry I had to end it. You’ve got quite wit.”

    “I’m sorry; I just lost my temper, that’s all.” Anna began, but she stopped when she looked up at the teacher’s face. He was a lean, athletic man, who was taller then most of the senior students. His hair was a dark, rusty red, and stuck out at odd angles. His hands had scars across the fingers and bony knuckles, and his sharp featured, expressive face was pale and bordered with thick, prickly stubble. He had his fair share of scars, and looked as though he had been to hell and back. Three small, vertical slits across his lips gave him a slightly crooked smile. However, what made Anna nearly faint were his eyes. They were a bright polished gold, and shone like liquid pools of molten rock, the kind you might find in the heart of a volcano.

    “I understand.” He said, the edges of his scarred lips creeping upwards in a crooked smile. His eyes narrowed, and he frowned for a second, “What class do you have?”

    “Uh, ancient history.” Anna said in a small voice, suddenly feeling very uncomfortable under his fiery gaze.

    “Mmhm. Now, in D4?” He asked casually.

    “Yeah, why?”

    “You’ll be my class then, Mr. Hallfrid.” He juggled the text books and lap top case into one arm, and offered Anna a scarred, heavily callused hand. Anna took it, shook, and answered in her small voice, “Anna Whytwood.”

    “Well Miss Whytwood, I think you best try and keep your temper, not all teachers would be so lenient.” He growled, pushing down on the steel door handle with his elbow, and kicking it open.

    Anna gave a small smile, and leaned against the brick wall, her books held tightly against her chest. She stared out at the grey sky, and waited.

    A blonde girl wondered over to Anna with a concerned look on her podgy face, “You all right?” She asked.

    Anna blinked, “I’m fine, why do you ask?”

    The girl glanced around making sure that no one was watching, and spoke in an undertone: “But you were just in a fight with Brad Edwards, didn’t he say something about it? Didn’t he give you an afternoon detention?”

    Anna shook her head slowly, “Who the teacher? No. He didn’t. He just introduced himself and said I shouldn’t loose my temper. But it’s hard not to when I’m confronted by a total jerk!”

    “Huh! Mr. Hallfrid finally acted like a human being!” The blonde girl said with a sarcastic ring in her voice.

    “What? What do you mean? He seemed nice enough.”

    “Are you kidding? Mr. Hallfrid’s--­­­­there’s no other word for it--evil! He’s always looking for somebody to pick on, and no matter where you are in the school, you can’t step out of line without him breathing down your neck! He’s one hell of a burden!” The girl said, shaking her head in awe.

    “I can’t believe he let you slide! He didn’t raise his voice or nothin’! I’m Sarah by the way, Sarah Baxter.” She pushed back a stray hair and shook her head again, “Sorry, it’s just unheard of.”

    “What’s unheard of?” Anna asked curiously, now very interested in what Sarah had to say.

    “Mr. Hallfrid being even remotely nice to someone. Even the teachers try to avoid him! The only way he got this job was because the head master was afraid to say ‘no’!”

     “Sound’s nasty. But he can’t be all bad, I mean, he was nice to me just then, he saved my skin! If he hadn’t been there, that Brad guy or whatever would’ve pummelled me!” After a minute or so, the full body of the class arrived, made up mainly of students who had been at the school before. There were five new students, all girls from a public school on the river. Anna stopped talking when the industrial green door was pushed open again with a loud grunt from Mr. Hallfrid

    “Bloody door. Stupid thing keeps jamming. Right, in you get.” He gave a small motion with his hand and the whole class filed in side, dead silent.

    Anna stood next to Sarah, on the outside row of desks. The desks were in two rows, in a sort of horse shoe shape, the inner row was practically abandoned… Sarah chewed her lip, and was fumbling with her pencil case when the door closed, and the class stood like statues behind their chairs, waiting on baited breath.

    Mr. Hallfrid didn’t even seem to notice the class of twenty odd students, standing dumbly behind their chairs, waiting to be instructed to sit. He busied himself with his papers and books, and with a low, “Morning class.” He nodded to them, and they all sat down, without a sound.

     He opened a large, black textbook and flicked through the pages hurriedly, frowning down at the print.

    “Right!” He closed the book suddenly, and the students jumped in their seats. He looked up at them, and gave a small charismatic smile, his cadmium eyes twinkling in the flickering classroom light.

    “Take out a pen and paper, and write this down…” He went on talking about ancient Europe, and talking about, in particular the Vikings of Scandinavia, while everyone scribbled down what he was saying.

    Anna noticed how the students who had been at the school before, and who knew Mr. Hallfrid, were silent and statue like, their backs straight, and eyes front. Anna also noticed that Sarah was even sweating slightly, as though she knew something was going to go wrong.

    Anna followed Sarah’s gaze to a girl sitting on the other side of the room, near the back of the class; she was part of the public school girls. Mr. Hallfrid looked up from his textbook, and muttered something, then spoke in a loud booming voice that made everyone hold his or her breath.

    “Medieval history, dark ages, middle ages, all mean the same period of time, sort of...”

    Anna felt her spine tingle when those yellow chrome eyes rested on her, it was only for a moment, but she felt he was looking straight through her and to her very soul. He turned his attention to the rest of the class, still talking.

    “The age of knights on horses started because of several reasons, but I’m looking for a particular one, can anyone name who or what that might be?” He looked around the class expectantly. No one raised a hand so he raised his rusty eyebrows and said in a silky voice, “No one?”

    He finally got sick of waiting for an answer and told everyone, “Viking raids on monasteries. The monks were forced to protect themselves that was one of the main reasons. But I think we should go back a bit further in time to the early knights, well, warriors, not quite knights, from Scandinavia.”

    He was of course talking of sea raiding Vikings. Anna frowned slightly, that was an unusual thing to be teaching. However, nobody argued. Everyone just opened their exercise books and began writing down everything Mr. Hallfrid said with surprising detail.

    Anna began scratching away with her blue pen, as Mr. Hallfrid began talking once more.

    He seemed to gloss over important wars in Viking history, and said one sentence about a significant ruler, but quickly got bored, and began to speak about the Viking culture, in particular their religion.

    He said that the Vikings were a very spiritual people, and had many gods and demons in their world, and when he said the word ‘demons’ his eyes flitted to Anna once more, as though he was trying to make a point to her about something.

    Anna avoided his gaze, slightly confused; she wanted to ask Sarah about it, but was too afraid to do so.

    He leaned back against his desk, crossing his arms and giving a small smile. If you thought that when he smiled it was a time to relax, you were wrong, it was the exact opposite. Everyone, who had been at the school last year, knew that when Mr. Hallfrid smiled, you had to be on high alert.

    As he began speaking of Norse gods, the public school girls in the back began to relax, and start whispering to each other, and passing notes on small bits of writing paper. When several people saw this, they gave the girls concerned looks, mouthing not too, but they did not heed their warnings. Everyone’s eyes were on Mr. Hallfrid, who had been watching the girls rather intensely as he spoke they saw his eyes begin to flicker with annoyance. Soon he stopped leaning on the table and straightened up, still talking like nothing was happening. The public school girls, who had a bad reputation at their old school for doing exactly this, continued whispering, talking and giggling, beginning to get a little bolder.

    Anna noticed Sarah beginning to sweat and bite her bottom lip.

    Mr. Hallfrid began to walk along the side of the class room, hovering over students like a buzzard, but never stopping to long, and never taking gold gaze off the girls. Finally he came around to them, and they stopped talking, pretending they were listening. As he past, Anna noticed that he flicked something their way, a little piece of paper, neatly folded; it skidded across the smooth table surface. Stopping in front of the leader, a tall dark haired girl with black eyes. Mr. Hallfrid continued talking and came around to Anna, she noticed him give her a small, mischievous smile, then walk past her.

    Anna turned her attention back to the public school girls; the leader of the four had opened the piece of paper, and turned white. On the note, in neat, legible writing, it said, this room, lunchtime, bring your things.

    Mr. Hallfrid fell silent and leaned against the desk once more, giving the girls a rather cold stare. They looked up at him, and knew what it meant. They dropped their heads together and were silent from then on.

    The bell that signalled second period trilled throughout the grounds. Mr. Hallfrid nodded to the students, did their greetings once more, and filed silently out of the classroom.

    Anna seemed quite taken with the public girls, who were now getting a firm talking (or rather yelling) to by Mr. Hallfrid.

    “Did you see their faces? Looked as though they’d seen a ghost! I was about to burst out laughing when that note landed in front of that girl’s fat face!” Anna laughed, walking with Sarah to their next class.

    Sarah nodded, “Yeah, keep you’re voice down.”

    “Why? We’re far away from the classroom, he can’t hear us.” Anna said, pulling her bag over her shoulders.

    “We may not be near the class room, but whenever there is talk of him he’s always bound to come.” Sarah said, turning a corner with Anna.

    “Really?” Anna asked, just as the tall, slender figure of Mr. Hallfrid brushed past them, heading towards the other side of the school. “See?” Hissed Sarah. Anna nodded, “That was freaky he came out of nowhere.”

    “He usually does.” Sarah said, as they plonked their bags down outside another classroom for another lesson.


    Through science, Anna told Sarah how Mr. Hallfrid kept glancing at her and smiling. Sarah shook her head and said reassuringly. “He does that sometimes, gives particular students looks. He was probably looking at you because you were new, and wanted to see if you were doing the work, I s’pose or maybe he just likes you… for some reason that sounded incredibly creepy…”

    “Strange lesson don’t you think? Norse mythology, I’ve never had a history lesson on Norse mythology. But I’m glad I did its one of my favourite time periods.” Anna said, pouring a beaker of liquid into a conical flask of another liquid, resulting in a fizzing sound and steam.

    “You’ve never had a History lesson with Mr. Hallfrid, he teaches strange things, that’s why I partly like his lessons, he always teaches exotic histories, like of India or of South America.” Sarah said, writing down her observation of the steaming liquid in the conical flask.

    “He’s spooky, the way his eyes look sometimes.” Anna remarked, putting the conical flask down on the bench.

    “His eyes always look spooky.” Sarah pointed out, measuring something with her ruler. “I hate when he looks at me, it’s like he’s looking right inside me sometimes.”

    “I had that feeling when he looked at me too.” Anna said, removing her protective glasses.

    “But enough about him, where are you from?” Sarah asked, looking over her safety glasses at Anna.

    “Me? I came from the inner city; my parents are going through some tough times and wanted to start a new life, so we moved out to the country.” Anna said shrugging.

    “I left all my friends and both of them keep fighting. It sucks.”

    “That’s horrible!”

    “Yeah I know.”

    “No! That smell! There’s a smell like rotten eggs coming from the conical flask! Yuck!” Sarah said, pushing the flask over towards Anna and pinching her nose.

    “Oh gross! Don’t give it to me!” Anna moaned. She looked around, and picked the conical flask up by the neck and put it on someone else’s desk.

    “It’s their problem now!”

    They both wrote down their findings on the experiment, and Anna asked Sarah one last thing about Mr. Hallfrid.

    “Is he human?”


    “Well, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a human with yellow eyes and that affect on people before!” Anna said.

    “Beats me. Some people call him a demon; others call him a dragon…” Sarah muttered, writing down measurements.

    “And you, what do you call him?” Anna asked.

    “Me? Well, I call him Mr. Hallfrid.”

How Twilight Failed at Life. :D Yet again.

I was in maths, and doodling away as a normally do, the teacher kept glaring at me. But the thing is, he kind of looks like mr. potato man, so I can't take him seriously. He's got no neck, and a reallly high voice, and he's bald. God I love Mr. Potato man!

Anyway, I've decided, since I'm at the School library anyway. I might as well use this time to update my crappy LiveJournal Account. *dies* Mind you, there sin't much to do, other then write, as I can't load any pictures from this crappy school computer, as they've BLOCKED DEVIANTART. THOSE BASTARDS. I wish apon them an army of tiny dwavres to rip them limb from limb and sell at Subway. It really is fresh.

Oh, But I would like to just give this Lovely piece of information, written by a friend of mine on DA, to everyone. :D


- Bella has 6+ friends by the end of her first day at Forks, which she aquired by not smiling once
- Bella has a fit when she thinks about how welcoming people were at school
- Four guys have a crush on Bella, yet she chooses the guy who wants to kill her
- Everyone wants to be Bellas friend
- Bella is featured on the front page of the school paper
- Bella has a fit when Edward asks her about the weather
- Edward has an expression that says 'Let me vomit on your face, please'
- Bella has an expression that says 'That hurt my feelings' even when her friends invite her to places
- Bella is invited to places
- Bella likes the heat
- Edward laughs at everything like he's been told he has four types of cancer
- Bella is liked by all
- Edward likes her scent
- Edward has a strange face
- Everyone has the same, pale face in Forks as Edward does, so therefore, everyone's a vampire
- Bella finds Edward creepy, so he MUST be a vampire
- Edward acts as if he has PMS
- Edward laughs at Bella's pain... but then again, I would too
- Bella has an orgasm when she looks at Edward's eyes
- Edward has been a high school graduate since 1918, yet he still hasn't learn how to talk to girls and instead walks off mid-conversation
- When Bella is saved by Edward from the van, half the year group swarm around her to make sure she's alright.
- Edward treats Bella as if he just raped her
- People want to go to the Prom with Bella
- Edward can remember his rehearsed lines, although not very well. Eg, 'Yeah. I had an adreneline rush. It's... very common. You can Google it.' He Googled it.
- The camera man loves lopsided shots of Bella and strange pans while she's talking
- The scar on the guy who was driving the van changes sides
- Bella's initial theory on Edward was that he was Spiderman. She needed Google to do the thinking for her.
- Bella has jackets even though she lived in Arizona
- Bella is WEARING a jacket in Arizona
- That chick is talking about Eric not asking her to the Prom when he's standing right in front of her. I love that girls subtlety.
- Bella has logical advice
- Edward has two emotions - Vampire and Rapist
- Bella thinks everyone is stalking her
- There's something about a bunch of 17 year olds trying to by mysterious that just doesn't work
- Edwards reasons for being away so much are slightly suspicious
- The Push is a really nice beach, yet it's completely empty. You'd think people in Forks would go there because they would like the cloudly weather, but apparently not.
- Bella, like any logical person would, starts to believe Jacobs story about the history of the Cullens
- Later, she uses this as evidence that Edward is a vampire
- Victoria is the awesome one in the movie, yet everyone pays attention only to Edward and Bella
- After hearing the name of the tribe Jacob is decended from, Bella instantly knows how to spell it
- There just so happens to be books selling about that tribe in a nearby bookstore
- The sun is shining in Forks
- Bella just so happens to meet all the people of one group of friends and befriend them all seperately
- Bella is excellent is demonstrating expression
- Bella takes an entire evening to walk through town to get a book
- The gang of boys were already in postion to ambush Bella without even knowing she was going that way
- They were coming on to her when there were witnessess just behind them. Even though they didn't do anything.
- Edward doesn't limit his raping abilities to Bella, oh no, he's coming onto the gang of rapists themselves!
- The thought of Bella's heart breaking held him back
- When he's driving away, his car lights expresses a happy face ^^
- Edward DOESN'T want to rip their heads off. Who wouldn't?
- Bella's friends have zero subtlety when it comes to suspecting Edward of loving Bella
- In turn, Edward has zero subtlety in showing his love for Bella
- Bella doesn't care.
- Bella's friends can't think of any other word than 'thoughtful'
- They're all into the awkward silence fad
- The waitress at the diner is really creepy. I'm surprised Bella didn't accuse her of being a vampire
- The waitress also has hair shaped like Mickey Mouse ears
- Bella chose very giggly friends
- Bella takes every oppurtunity given to her to show off her intellectual skills
- Bella is actually paler than Edward
- Bella likes to turn conversations about thoughts into conversations about her
- Bella always looks like she's about to vomit in Edward's presence
- Bella gives in to temptation too easily
- Bella can't even express compassion in her voice when her dads friend has been killed
- Bella: "Erm, I dunno... carrying a form of protection on me after an encounter with a gang of rapists?... I dunno, Dad"
- The flashbacks of eyes, hands and feet push Bella to investigate Edward even more so
- Reading a book about ancient legends will certainly give you all the facts you need
- Bella is one of the top students, yet she never does homework or study, but instead chases after Edward
- Google forgot to mention how vampires sparkle
- Edward makes perfect sense when he's angry
- Bella and Edward sneaking off into the woods is very misleading
- Somehow Edward can run uphill so close to the ground without tripping over anything
- Someone was on drugs when they wrote this
- Edward himself is on herioin. He admitted it!
- Bella: "No bed? I wunt teh sex. >"
- Edward: "Well, I never sleep."
- Bella: "Oh." *Thoughts of leaving Edward*
- Edward: "..."
- All Bella ever thinks about is Edward
- There's a certain amount of magnitism found in all objects and Edwards hands that allows him to leap from tree to tree
- You can imagine Disney making a feel-good musical of Twilight one day. "I CAN SHOW YOU THE WOOORLD, SHINING, SHIMMERING, SPLENDOOOOOR"
- Emmett was trying so hard to impersonate the baseball players in High School Musical 2
- Alice pitching. No matter how hot she is, she should give up
- Bella umpiring
- The noise made between the hit of a baseball onto the bat would totally match thunder
- Pinstripes are the new thing with vampires
- Covering your chest with your hair would definately block your scent from others
- James is gay. He's like the Dumbledore of Twilight.
- Victoria isn't featured enough
- Why is the other hunter helping the Cullens and Bella?
- Bella - The Vampires Cocain
- Bella, like all other heriones, must give in to the enemy to save a loved one
- Bella is extremely naive.
- Why couldn't she discuss it with Alice? They, being vampires, would surely know what to do
- Oh no, Bella must go to her old ballet class to save her mother who isn't there. I sure didn't see that coming.
- James is so experienced with raping teenage girls that he's built up an immunity to pepper spray!
- James' bite is orgasmic
- Bella has a memory of a deer she never saw and of a vampire that never existed
- Bella is very prone to these fits she gets when people talk to her
- She also takes a while to say 'no'
- She's very clingy
- Bella is extremely ditzy
- She's also unappreciative
- Sarcastic
- Hardly a lady
- Quite disgusting actually
- Although I like her shoes
- She has some good shoes
- Jacob is still stalking Bella
- Jacobs dad is also stalking Bella
- The Prom is very tacky
- No one is that happy
- Bella shouldn' be that much taller just for dancing on Edwards feet
- The two other couples left at the same time leaving Edward and Bella alone - coincedence?
- The Prom was very small
- No one looked very nice
- Bella talks about death a lot - she should see a psychiatrist
- Edward seems pretty cool with Bella's morbid choice of topic
- Talking about death at the Prom is kinda strange
- But that sounds like something I would do
- It took Bella a while to realise that Edward wasn't sucking her blood
- On that note, it's rather odd to bite someone's neck at a Prom
- They had Christmas trees up at the Prom
- Bella isn't very easily satisfied, apparently
- Now Victoria is stalking Bella
- Or is she stalking Edward? OOOOOOHHHH
- This movie makes people like me want to point out every single fault
- And just so you remember, Edward's face is really creepy. Avoid it at all costs.

132 Faults in 113.3 minutes. Well done Meyer. You've reached new levels of fail.

Wow, I haven't been on in... how long?

Heh, hey guys, sorry I haven't been on in so long! I've got better things to do then write about my day! LOL. Anyway, I've been invted to do the Unusual Anthro Calander porject with Ashalind and Mondeis, should be fucking fun. lol.

I have too much spare time

I have just noticed that I have too much spare time, because I've just made an account on LJ even though I'm a full time subscriber on DeviantART. lol. I have absolutely no life, how do you kill that which has no life? Easy, with a hammer. Anyway, I have NO idea what the hell is going on, so I'm just going to press random buttons until I find the one that makes me a free coffee, TAB I believe its called. I'll probably load some of my "artwork" on here, just because hey, its what every other artist does! lol.